The Tooth Fairy Sucks! 5 Reasons Why The Tooth Fairy Forgot To Come


As a mom we have some serious responsibilities. Make sure we feed our kids fruits and vegetables. Make sure they brush and floss their teeth. Teach them how to spell their name. Some things we just can’t half ass on. We have to make sure that we’re always doing whats in the best interest of our children. For example: if your child has had a loose tooth for months and one morning he wakes up in pure excitement because his tooth finally comes out. He goes and frantically puts his tooth under his pillow in anticipation that the tooth will be gone in the morning. As a mom a very simple task is to remove the tooth from under the pillow and replace it with some money. Simple right?!

I’m getting ready for work and I hear my son begin to scream my name repeatedly Mom, Mom, Mom!!! I dropped my toothbrush and ran to his room because he must’ve awaken with an eyeball missing with the way he’s sceaming my name. I ask him whats wrong? He lifts up the pillow and what do I see? His damn tooth. I totally forgot about my toothfairy obligation. He asked why didn’t the toothfairy come. I immediately go into panic mode but I remain calm on the outside so he doesn’t notice.  I say the first lie that comes out my mouth. “The toothfairy must’ve had a busy night, there mustve been a lot of kids that lost their teeth yesterday and she ran out of fairy dust to fly around. Don’t feel bad I’m sure a lot of kids didn’t get a visit from the toothfairy either. ” There was an awkward silence as I’m trying to figure out if he believes me or not. He breaks the silence by saying well I hope she comes tonight. Whew!! Im in the clear, he fell for it. I walked out the room feeling relieved that I have a second chance at toothfairy redemption but I also walked out thinking man I suck at this toothfairy thing.

If you ever find yourself in this same dilemma here are some things you can tell your child if you forget to be the tooth fairy.

  1. She was too busy and ran out of fairy dust to fly around.
  2. Where she was it was raining and her wing got hit by a raindrop.
  3. You went to bed too late
  4. Your room is too dirty
  5. Her meeting ran late with Santa Claus

Have you ever forgot to be tooth fairy? If so, what did you tell your child?




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